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Proactive Metabolics Co. develops and markets products and services that help people improve their blood glucose metabolism proactively. Our customers draw on proprietary technologies that predict the effects of food and medication, which makes it possible to select the best possible course of action for the desired metabolic outcome.

This breakthrough approach to metabolic control can help people optimize their everyday existence in real time - applications were developed for weight loss and diabetes. We use personalized algorithms that predict individual outcomes in real time - as opposed to the traditional, population-based approaches that manage health and wellness through after-the-fact corrections.

Our proprietary solutions are the first to recognize the impact of the input dynamics on the stability and control of biological processes. Our pioneering work in mathematical modeling, validated for blood glucose by clinical tests at Duke University Medical Center, will lead to significant opportunities in diabetes, weight management, and many other health and fitness areas.

Capable of becoming ubiquitous because of today's rapidly developing computing and communications environment, our unique, patented technology can revolutionize many management-intensive clinical areas and build a commercial powerhouse, by applying our predictive models to a number of diseases and conditions that affect how we live in health, or when managing a medical condition. The links to USPTO's page are below:

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 6,835,175   Medical devices for contemporaneous decision support in metabolic control
2 6,582,366   Medical devices for contemporaneous decision support in metabolic control
3 6,368,272   Equipment and method for contemporaneous decision supporting metabolic control

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