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Company Background
Proactive Metabolics Co.'s initial market offerings allow the proactive management of the effects of food, medication, physical activity, and stress on the blood glucose concentration - an important issue in weight management, and the diabetic patient's most important concern. The technology is patented, and we believe that ours is the only system capable of generating individual-specific contemporaneous predictions and thus help patients mitigate the health risks associated with improper blood glucose levels.

Our first two market entry products, Lighten-Up™ and Balance™ are two outstanding (MediLife Inc.) products that were very well received in the weight management and diabetes market segments.

The Company is a spin-out from Array Vision Engineering Inc. (AVE), a Florida biomedical device discovery company in existence since 1990. An SBIR grant won by AVE from the National Institutes of Health, (NIDDK), provided some of the seed funding to develop the diabetes management technology and to test the concept on real patient data at the Duke University Clinical Research Center. Another grant, from the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, and technical assistance from Sandia National Laboratories provided the seed funding for the proof-of-concept of the non-invasive metabolite sensing technology.

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