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Proactive Metabolics Co. is a development-stage Medical Informatics Company dedicated to the individual consumer of health care and to his or her health care provider. Our patented individual-specific technology makes proactive control possible and boosts wellness status in health or when suffering from management-intensive diseases such as diabetes.

Our technologies converge to novel, knowledge-based consumer products that will combine non-invasive or minimally invasive monitors with a finely-tuned metabolic profile of the individual user. The result is personalized, real time health and wellness guidance .

The company relies on three patented technologies: each offers great opportunity, but it is their combination that will replace personal wellness with an entirely new paradigm, the individually and contemporaneously optimized wellness:

Interactive Personalized Metabolic Management
A food database accounting not for the one dimensional, simplistic caloric or carbohydrate values of food, but also for the other two key factors: the individual and the time.

Expert software for prescribing the insulin regimen in diabetes. The TAG_Angel Software uses the duality between input dynamics and the structure of the user's metabolic system to predict how food or activity will affect blood glucose (and insulin, weight gain/loss, or energy) over time.

A photo-detector having a structure eminently suitable for non-invasive monitoring of physiological analytes in-vivo.

We believe this particular type of predictive technology is so fundamentally important that it will eventually touch everyone, much like the Nutrition Information Panels on food boxes did not too long ago. Therefore, a key goal of our product plans is to make the various embodiments of our technology available on a variety of hardware platforms, ranging from basic Internet access, to interactive devices, to blood glucose testing machines, and wearable appliances that eventually will incorporate non-invasive measuring means as well.

"I do not aspire to be in fashion because what is in fashion goes out of fashion. And even if your work is controversial today, it does not matter. Because when it will be finally understood, it will be for eternity."
(Constantin Brâncusi: 1949)

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