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Management Team

President:Aurel Porumbescu, Ph.D., achieved breakthroughs throughout his 30-year career in the management and growth of medical device companies, with emphasis on business development and high-tech. He is a published author of scientific papers, poetry and fiction, and has so far obtained two broad patents. His employment track record includes seven years as President of Array Vision Engineering / Proactive Metabolics Co. and five years as Corporate Vice President with Invacare Corp. His technical career includes ten years of high profile state of the art electro optics and nuclear spectroscopy work with Schlumberger in Princeton, ITT in Fort Wayne, and Varian in Palo Alto - developing unique military and aerospace devices and systems. He authored numerous scientific and technological breakthroughs, and he is a specialist in Medical Device Manufacturing, Statistics and Electrical Engineering. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Polytechnic University of Bucharest and an M.S. degree from Polytechnic University of New York, in EE/System Science. 

Vice President of Operations: Andrew J. Porumbescu, is Dr. Porumbescu's youngest son and has had type 1 diabetes since 1992, the motivating force behind the company's focus on diabetes and hormone-controlled processes. His type 1 diabetes is in excellent blood glucose control, and provides guidance in terms of product design, product positioning and software architecture. He also is responsible for Sales and Marketing, participates in business development proposals, and coordinates business intelligence activities. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Florida International University. 

Senior Vice President of Research and Development: Myron L. Shank, M.D., Ph.D., is a Board Certified physician, specialized in Endocrinology,  who has more than 20 years of experience as a clinician and researcher in diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Dr. Shank’s vast expertise also includes mathematical modeling, and for much of his career has been involved in the development of new models that would provide practical ways to improve the medical care of people with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes.

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